Residential Movers Philadelphia

Sometimes the planning stage of a move is the most difficult. There will be a lot of different aspects of the move vying for your attention, and most of them are critical. Packing for instance! Some items can’t be boxed together. Especially fragile belongings, and personal, sentimental belongings. Making sure that boxes don’t get too heavy to the point where they break when they’re lifted. Making sure your boxes are labeled correctly so you know where to place everything at your new home.

If you are planning on hiring a residential moving company, hire one that knows what it is they are doing. Review their track record, this gives you an indication of the work they’ve delivered and their expertise. We offer local and long distance moving services. We are the right people to take care of all your moving needs. We guarantee you a problem and stress free moving process. It does not matter what season it is, we can help in the spring, summer, and even the winter. We provide packing and unpacking services, storage services, moving guidance and moving protection.

DIY Moving Guide

Moving is very tedious, and you can save a lot of money by reading and using the moving guide. You can begin by staying organized. Make a plan weeks before moving, and talk with the company you hired about it, so that you are both on the same page, and everything goes smooth. Before ever hiring a moving company you should learn about packing, planning, and all other important services. Call us today for a full breakdown of all our services.

Try to gather a few people like your family and friends to help out. Especially the younger ones, if you are planning on not hiring a moving company.

Here is a short guide on how to move by yourself:

  • Before beginning you have to let your family members or friends know, what the important items are, what not to touch, how you want items to be boxed, and how you want people to handle them. Compose a schedule, and time line.
  • Put together a team of captains, so that nobody is completely overwhelmed.
  • For electronics and other IT, point out a person who knows how to handle IT items.
  • List all furniture and other items that need to be stored, and goes into the moving truck to your new house, apartment, or condo.
  • Make sure your leasing company is aware of your move.
  • When packing, be sure to label all the boxes. Please pay attention, when labeling your items and the boxes, mislabeling will cost you inconvenience and time. Use color coded labels, and do not put more than one label on a box. An over packed box will not close properly and put your items at risk.
  • Go through all your files, and papers. Don’t bring old documents that are not needed anymore to your new home.
  • Items that add a sentimental value to your life can not go into a moving truck. Carry them by yourself or let a family member carry it to their house for the moment.

Packing Household Items

Our guys know how to pack your household itmes to prevent damage to your valuables. Incorrect packing results in damaged items, even broken items sometimes. Valuable, fragile items are packed with care and boxed with the utmost care. So when it is time to unpack your items, everything goes smooth, and fast. Pictures and mirrors are wrapped into bubble wrap and then placed into a box with a lot of foam, to prevent damage when driving.

Loading and Transport

You could save yourself some money by packing up your belonging and hire us for loading, transport and unloading only jobs. We are very flexible with our clients. Just give us a call today and we'll be happy to assist with anything we can.